A 2-door 4x4 geo tracker, in good running condition, in virginia, as well as a dodge xplorer 230 xlt widebody dually. 1997 -1999 or so. 21 ft.
My son and I have too many seedlings and not enough garden space. If you have any extra planter pots of any size or garden boxes you are no longer using I can pickup ASAP. I will also pick up any gardening materials you no longer want. Thank you for any help in advance
my non profit employer is searching for an overhead type shade tent for outdoor marketing events and involvement fairs. If you have a shade tent I would love to come pick it up so our team can use it.
Looking for fragrance oils use for soaping/candle making. Was looking to trade oils for fully cured soap
Looking for either a twin box spring or bunkie board. Bed frame would be nice but not necessary.
When I bought my house the flipper s contractor claimed he put a French drain in the backyard. I m now aware that was not the case. I have a bad moisture issue underneath my house and I believe a rain barrel would fix the problem. I can pickup anywhere in Hampton Roads. Thanks in advance for any help.
I am preparing to start a community ensemble/lessons for special needs people and students. Any instruments you have no use for we will find them a good home! My email is Malvenfarbener@aol.com, Thank you!
I need an adult size desk ASAP, also I'd need it to be dropped off, hubby is deployed and have car seats in my jeep.
Hello, I am looking for vintage toys from the 80s or 90s. Some examples include but are not limited to My Little Pony, Kenner toys, Star Wars etc.
please if anyone has fabrics and sewing supplies they would like to donate. I would be so grateful. thank you very much
My name is Robert Dale I live currently the Red Mill area and my job is a mile away from where I live. I'm not picky and I'm easy to get along with I'm very clean and orderly. I'm in need of a room for rent as soon as possible local in the area I can pay a hundred a week or 400 or 450 would be most each month