add on to post to add pictures. Large and smaller boxes available (can break down if needed to fit vehicle).. Packing material including bubble Please email if interested and time available for pickup and will send info. Thanks Zann
Packing, moving boxes.. several large if needed, medium and 2 white bags of bubble and packing. (have only been able to post one pic at a time but I can email you more pics if wanted) Pickup today or tomorrow asap (don't want to get rid of in trash if someone can use this)
Packing bubble and packing material available. Pickup 23454 Virginia Beach Please email if you would like to pick up and when you are available. Thanks Zann
Remote included Takes many tries to power on but once on works. Would recommend for parts or someone able to replace the power source.
Moving boxes, multiple sizes... bubble and packing. Please email for location for pickup. Would love pickup today or tomorrow. Virginia Beach 23454 pickup Thanks Zann
I have 2 Graco Turbo Booster car booster seats. Never been opened. One per person, please. Please state date and time of pickup and I will hold for one hour. If not picked up I will go to the next person. Located in Kempsville.
Moving boxes, some packing. Haven't had time to break down boxes yet but can be easily done to fit in your vehicle. Please email me if you would like to set up a time for pickup. Thanks Zann
Lightly used pull up bar which goes in most common sized door ways. Giving it away.
I always try to keep clean yogurt containers and glass jars with lids to reuse, but I have too many piling up and will be recycling Tuesday unless someone needs them. There are lots more, this pic is just a representation.
I am almost done unpacking. I have 5 or 6 mid to large boxes and bags of packing material (bubble, newspaper, cardboard pieces) Pickup 23454 Virginia Beach. Please email to make pickup arrangements. Thanks Zann
I have bags of packing material... bubble, newspaper, small cardboard. Good for packing dishes and breakables. Please email to set up a time for pickup.
Hi, I have 4 boxes and lots of packing including newspaper, bubble and small cardboard. Pickup 23454. Please email for details and schedule a pickup time. Thanks Zann
Moving and must lighten my load. I have many household items, a brand new sink I never installed, adult clothing, pictures, mirrors, nick-knacks, and glassware. All free for the taking.
I have bags of packing material.... newspaper, bubble, small cardboard, etc. At this time my boxes are spoken for... will have some more later when I unpack my clothes. If you need packing material, give me a holler and we can set up a time for pickup. Thanks! Zann
I have used an old fridge in my garage. It runs great, but it is ugly. It would work as a second fridge for overflow items.
Still have moving boxes available. 2 wardrobe boxes, and medium to large boxes as well as packing. Virginia Beach area 23454 pickup. Friday afternoon or weekend best but can work with your schedule. Thanks Zann